Winter/Christmas Ales 2011

It’s that time of year when my personal tastes change with the season, moving from my favourite hoppy/skunky beers to heavier Stouts, Porters, and Fortified Ales. I always look forward to this change as the brew-masters themselves kick it up a notch, and play with their recipes. There are some old tried and true which I am thankful have not changed, Howe Sound Breweries do the usual double dip in their offerings with “Father John”s Winter Ale” , one of my favourite treats, with a not too heavy finish but full of subtle winter spices. Good Value too, it’s actually a big enough bottle that I don’t mind sharing.. Tis the season and all that. HSB’s other offering is the “Pothole Filler Imperial Stout” think light tones of Chocolate, Licorice, Molasses, Dark as night, but all the goodness to keep you going through lent or any other fasting.. Caution though should be served only slightly cooled to allow the flavours to be enjoyed…
New one from Whistler Brewing Company, A Winter Dunkel, first year in general consumer release, and let me tell you it is a treat. From the time you uncap it, the aroma of Chocolate emanates from the bottle, pour it slowly in a wide mouth glass to allow the citrus flavours to escape as well.. being a Dunkel of course there is a large yeast flavour much as most old world Dunkel’s have. Much lighter that the previous two beers mentioned, but does not lack any of the flavour or enjoyment.


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